Are Yoga Capris for Women the Right Choice for You?


When it comes to workout clothing, women want to make sure that they are wearing what is comfortable and appealing and what allows them to have the best possible workout. Shopping for new gear and clothing is overwhelming when you flip through rack after rack of brightly colored apparel. More manufacturers are beginning to create a few of the same common pieces of workout clothing for every upcoming season.

Yoga Capris are one of the most famous fashion items for women when it comes to workout clothing. Will these cropped yoga leggings be the right choice for you to help you go deeper in your practice during your time on the mat?

First, there should be a clear distinction between yoga Capris and Capri leggings. General Capris are similar to yoga pants, meaning that they are made of some blend that typically involves jersey cotton. Throughout an afternoon, this fabric tends to stretch out instead of retaining its shape. Many versions of this pair of pants also feature a wide leg, possibly with a flare at the bottom. This shape can make moving through the poses more difficult with the extra fabric.

Capri leggings are a little different because they are usually constructed with a spandex material. They hold tighter to your figure and can maintain their commitment to flattering your body shape throughout the day regardless of your activity level. The bottom of the Capri leggings is typically tight to your calf, anywhere from just below the knee to around the mid-calf area.

Yoga Capris could be right for you if your height is more on the short side. Because full-length yoga pants and leggings for women sometimes feature longer lengths, they have the potential to extend over the bottom of your heel. It makes for a dangerous situation when practicing standing poses that involve a wide-legged stance, such as the warrior II or even a high lunge.

Opting for yoga Capris could be a great solution because the shorter lengths ensure that they won’t put you in a precarious position as you move through the postures.

Not only that, but yoga Capris are also great for those who enjoy a warmer practice. If your yoga flow is based on building heat through a series of postures such as Ashtanga or Bikram yoga, then Capris can give you more flexibility to keep from becoming overheated. The shorter length offers coverage for your skin while allowing you to remain slightly cooler than you would be in more restrictive clothing choices.

For yogis who like to switch up their fashion through the seasons, yoga capris are a great choice because they lend themselves well to trends across most climates. You can layer them as the winter months approach or pare them down during the long, hot days of summer. No matter what the season is, you have plenty of room to play with your own sense of style through the year.

Yoga Capris have the benefit of being safe, cool, and versatile, making them an ideal choice for many women who want to enjoy their time on and off the mat comfortably.

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