My Go To Yoga Outfit

We all know the basic yoga style. Yoga pants, leggings, tight tanks, etc. But finding a comfortable yet cute yoga outfit can be quite the challenge. Yoga involves a lot of movement. And with a lot of movement comes pants slipping town, shirts rising up, and sweating. All things that are not the most comfortable to be dealing with throughout our practice. Besides the sweating, because we all know a good sweat feels amazing.

So, what is my go-to yoga outfit? I have some staples that you can always find me wearing throughout a yoga class. I like to switch it up here and there, but once I find some nice fitting clothes, I don’t want to stop wearing them! One thing I love? High waist leggings. These are perfect for me because the band around your waist doesn’t slip down. And if it does, they’re high wasted so you got plenty of room to not feel like your undies might show in the class.

Another staple for me is comfortable sports bras. If I’m in hot yoga, I typically don’t wear a shirt and just wear a sports bra because it gets so warm in there. Wearing high waist leggings and a sports bra makes it seem like I’m not showing a ton of skin either, and I don’t feel so hot as if I was wearing a short-sleeve shirt or a tank. I love cute sports bras with details on the back or front.

If I do wear a tank to yoga, I like fitting ones. I don’t like wearing loose tanks or t-shirts to yoga as they fly up during downward dog or inversions. Some of my favorite fitting tanks for yoga as of now are from Athleta. I like these ones as they are fitting but not uncomfortably tight. You won’t find me wearing shorts a lot to yoga. I do from time-to-time, but leggings are usually my go-to. If I do wear shorts, I opt for a pair of spandex or my favorite running shorts from Athleta. These are nice as they allow full movement while going through each pose.

Each person’s yoga outfit varies. We all have different styles, different favorite stores to shop at, and we all think some things are comfortable and some things aren’t. Find what style you feel the most confident in and the clothes you feel the most comfortable in. I always feel more sure of myself in my yoga practice when I’m wearing clothes I love and feel good in. Try out some new stores to find clothing you may not have tried on before. Look up the comfiest yoga clothes online to give yourself a better idea of what might be best for you. There are tons of different legging and yoga pants companies out there, so don’t get discouraged if you feel like you can’t find the pair for you. Embrace your own style, get clothes that you feel confident in, and go rock your yoga practice. Check out these amazing yoga clothes shopping tips for more info!

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