The Upward-Facing Dog Pose

The upward-facing dog pose is also popularly known as urdhva mukha savasana. This pose challenges an individual to lift up against gravity and open up the chest to quite an extent. With each passing yoga session, perfection is attained.

How to Perform the Pose

Step 1 – Lie upside down on the yoga mat. Stretch back the legs having your feet’s top on the ground. Have your elbows bent while spreading the palms on the ground right by the side of your waist such that the forearms perpendicularly lie on the ground.

Step 2 – While inhaling, press the inner arms into the ground slightly towards the back. Now, keep your hands straight and simultaneously raise the torso upwards along with the legs while inhaling. While maintaining the thighs firmly, turn slightly inside, and with firm arms, turn out such that the crease of the elbow faces towards the front.

Step 3 – Gently press your tailbone in the direction of your pubis and raise it towards the belly. Try getting the hip points narrow. Keep it firm and do not harden your buttocks.

Step 4 – Get the blades of the shoulder firm against your back and get the side ribs puffed forward. Raise the sternum top but do not let the front rib push forward. This will make your lower back hard. Look forward or bend your head a little but make sure not to have your neck’s back compressed.

Step 5 – You can start with practicing the pose by holding it for around 15 to 30 seconds with simultaneous breathing. Later, release your back to the ground or raise to adho mukha svanasana with simultaneous exhalation.


  • Enhances posture.
  • Makes your spine, arms and wrists strengthened.
  • It makes your buttocks firm.
  • It stretches your abdomen, shoulders, lungs as well as chest.
  • It works as a therapy for asthma patients.
  • It stimulates the abdominal glands.
  • It helps to relieve fatigue, sciatica as well as mild depression.

Mistakes and Contradictions

If you are a sufferer of ailments such as back injury, headache or carpal tunnel syndrome, then avoid practicing the pose. Additionally, even women who are in their pregnancy period are recommended to avoid practicing the pose.

How to Perform the Pose Perfectly

  1. Put your hand on your shoulders while trying out this pose which leads to lifting them upwards to the ears.
  2. Now actively draw your shoulders far away from your ears by lengthening to the bottom along your armpit by pulling down the blades of your shoulder in the direction of the tailbone.
  3. Now, puff your corner ribs forward.

Wear comfortable yoga capri pants with a t-shirt to perform the pose properly. If you require help while performing the same, then lift each arm on a block. However, you can take the guidance of an expert or a professional in order to avoid mistakes.

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