Yoga Poses for a Flat Stomach

Can yoga help you burn stubborn belly fat and achieve a flatter and stronger stomach? Yes, yoga increases your metabolism and tones your core muscles. The beauty of yoga is that you are constantly manipulating and holding your own weight. How do you do this? You hold your body in position by using your abdominal muscles. Yoga also requires you to bend and twist your torso, which helps de-bloat your stomach and detoxify your body.

Combine yoga with healthy eating choices and a mindful lifestyle to lose weight efficiently. Lack of daily movement and overconsumption of food leads to several types of stomach fat like visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. Try these poses below in your yoga practice to activate yoga’s core secrets.

Boat Pose Navasana

Boat pose requires engagement of the abs and slims your waist fat. This pose also tones your thighs and builds super human concentration!

Begin with Sun Salutations to Warm-up.

1.Sit down and bring your knees into your chest, feet on the floor.

2. Hold your knees and lift up feet to bring shins to a 90-degree angle.

3. Release and straighten arms. Lean back as you stretch your legs out straight.

Pick a point to look at in order to keep your balance and to torso from falling down.

Hold for 10-30 seconds up to a minute. Take breaks by rocking forward into bound angle pose. Let hands rest on the ground as you relax and take a couple breaths.

Bring one foot back up to boat pose at a time. You can also bend your knees in this pose instead of straightening them. Also, you can hold the back of the knees instead of putting the hands out to the side. If your tailbone hurts in this pose you can add a blanket or towel underneath.

Repeat boat pose followed by bound angle pose 3 to four times.

While in boat pose lengthen your spine and relax your chin.

Downward Dog, Knee-to-Nose Pose

This is a Downward Dog Pose variation that helps amp up the strength level of the pose, and works your core hard to burn belly fat and stimulate your metabolism!

As a bonus, besides your core, you can tone your shoulders, legs, and back, build stability.

1.Start in the traditional Downward Dog Pose. Breathe five deep breaths, keeping your gaze on your navel or a point between your knees.

2. Inhale, lift your right leg straight up behind you.

3.On the next exhale, engage your core and begin going into plank position. Your wrists should be directly under your shoulders.

4. Bend one knee and bring the knee towards your nose as you round your back. Pull your navel to your spine and press the floor away with your hands. Your knee doesn’t have to touch the spine just reach as far as you can in that direction. Take 3 deep breaths and then return to downward dog.

5. Repeat on other side. Complete as many sets as you like to increase the intensity.

This pose works great in a yoga flow style sequence and when you want a faster, more intense yoga session!


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